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The latest in smart home automation, including security and wellbeing features.

Meeting customers’ budgets without compromising
on any smart home features.


Compliant with Green Building requirements,
for optimal energy efficiency.

TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub


The TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub basic is a plug & play Z-Wave controller that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect all smart home components.

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WallWand™ Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays


The WallWand™ Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays is the only multi-functional smart home control glass panel that manages multiple functions, including temperature, lights, shutters, AV, hot water heaters, and floor heating.

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About us

Why Build Smart Homes with SweetchOn?


SweetchOn distributes WiFi, Z-Wave and KNX products and also many tactile switches. SweetchOn is known for the company’s hands-on approach to smart home development, as it delegates experienced teams to work alongside builders and developers, throughout their entire project. When a SweetchOn team is assigned to a project, it’s present during every step – from the initial planning of the smart home or building, throughout all execution phases to the final setup. From providing the best products, while abiding to the latest green building requirements and answering all special needs that may be required throughout different building projects – SweetchOn brings it all together with the full-service on-site package.


Full Home Integration


From entertainment to the coffee machine, SweetchOn helps you connect all electric devices and home appliances by offering a main controller that is compatible with other brands, and can connect to most Z-Wave and WiFi products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices. For Z-Wave home automation, by offering home owners the open and compatible TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub controller, builders and integrators can easily provide the highest possible level of smart home comfort, as they are giving home owners the opportunity to integrate a wide range of IOT products and enabling them to add new devices in the future.

SweetchOn’s Customer Service


TouchWand’s cloud service provides a backup of all system configurations and household usage data for ongoing and long-term analysis and support. TouchWand is the only smart home hub that supports Jewish, Muslim and Christian calendars, and offers worldwide customer support in over 6 languages.



Full Home automation

From entertainment to the coffee machine; Form HVAC systems to lights and shutters - SweetchOn helps you connect all electric devices and home appliances by offering a main controller compatible with other brands, most certified Z-Wave products, WiFi products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices.

Easy Setup

The setup process of SweetchOn’s products is quick, easy and economical. They can be implemented in new homes, as well as in existing fixtures, without having to revire the entire property.

We won’t get old

We will always be a safe bridge towards the future that you can rely on. Adding new units and features is as simple as possible – our system constantly grows and evolves with our customer’s needs for new IoT solutions.

For a Green future

Homes built with SweetchOn are environmentally sustainable and economically efficient. Our products are compliant with LEED building requirements and meet USGBC and EDGE standards.

Scalable system

Ideal for both small households as well as for offices, hotels or entire buildings! SweetchOn will have you covered no matter the size of the property you’d like to automate.


TouchWand products are compatible with most major certified Z-Wave products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices, providing the ideal solution for building all-inclusive full-featured smart homes.

One app to rule them all

Controlling your entire household remotely has never been easier! With the TouchWand App you can have full control over the entire household at your fingertips, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Save energy

The built-in energy saving system will cut your electricity bills like a touch of a magic Wand!


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