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When there is an electricity pause/break, set the Shutter unit (InWand or WallWand) in unknown state. Which means it needs to get to a position where it knows it edge position up or down. For safety reasons when shutter is in unknown state, it will go up first to its edge and then it gets its known state.  This means that it needs to perform the whole path (timing wise) to get to a known state.


Therefore, there are 2 options:

a. Open the application go to the shutter and slide the shutter up to 100% or just click on the up button and wait until it shows 100%.

b. Push on the up-switch for the amount of time it take the shutter to open to its full 100%.

Remember if the shutter is open in 50% and the full opening time is 25 seconds you need to hold the switch up for at least 25 seconds even if the shutter got to its upper position after 12 seconds. Only when the shutter will make the whole path it will get into its calibrated known state.


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