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  • The process includes definition of Dummy Group Address and associate the KNX switch as Toggle (same switch on/off) or Switch (switch for on and another switch for off).
    For Shutters if defined as Toggle it will activate “up” and “down” one after the other (cyclically). For Shutter as separate buttons for Up & Down actions need to define 2 buttons – one for “on/up” and one for “off/down”
    Both on the same KNX Group Address.

  • Add new unit Provider “KNX”, Type “Light” and set in the “Status” field the same Group Address as defined in the KNX switch.
    (not necessary to fill up the Light Switch fields).

  • Go to Scenario tab in the application
    Choose “Dummy unit event” as condition
    Choose the Z-Wave switch / shutter in the action according to the condition.

  • The KNX switch will send its event (on/up or off/down) and scenario will perform the action via the Z – Wave switch.

  • After defined, uncheck the box next to the unit to hide the unit from the user. (Only Tech users will see the unchecked units).


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