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If a device is not performing the association properly, it can derive from 2 reasons:

a. Source device endpoint is associated with more target endpoints that it can perform association with.

          i. InWand
             Each endpoint in source unit can associate with 7 target endpoints.

          ii. WallWand
              Each endpoint in source unit can associate with 5 target endpoints. Need to verify how many target 

              endpoints are associated with source endpoint.

b. Device was previously associated as source to other targets or as target to other sources and has been unpaired without properly clearing it associated target or source. In this case, the controller does not recognize (show) about already installed associations in the device. You need to unpair the unit from the controller, reset the unit and re-pair the unit and perform the association process.

For detailed explanation please see the Technical Manual in our website SweetchOn.com/customer support


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