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Touchwand Wanderfull controller is connected to the TouchWand cloud using ethernet cable to the Router and the internet to the TouchWand cloud.

TouchWand Wanderfull application uses secure protocol connection HTTPS. The connection is done via desktop/mobile browser or via the TouchWand application. The connection from the cloud uses HTTPS protocol. The communication protocol is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate SHA-256 with RSA encryption. The protocol is therefore also often referred to as HTTP over SSL.

We have our cloud hosted in Amazon AWS and IBM Bluemix and rely on Amazon and IBM security and firewalls. These clouds are the most secure cloud hosting provider in the market.

Keep your login and password safe. And if your mobile phone was stolen or lost, make sure to change the password like you probably will do with any other application you are using.

It is recommended to change password every 90 days.

Z-Wave security:

Z-Wave smart home network has a unique ID that it assigns to every device in the network, and that ID is different for every hub, so your neighbor’s smart hub cannot control your devices.


When an extra level of security is needed, such as for door locks and other high security devices, Z-Wave has another level of security which uses AES128 encryption at the same level that major banks use to protect your financial information.


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