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To connect the PIMA alarm system please do the following steps:

a. Log in the application and connect the alarm system – This can be done directly or through a local network. If connecting directly – use the supplied cable, SA-232 converter and LCL-11A adaptor. If you connect through a local network (LAN) use the net4pro-i network card.

b. Setting the serial port – Set the serial output use, regarding the connection to the MS (monitoring station). The MS can be connected locally, using RS-232 cable, or remotely, through the net4pro IP interface. It can use a home automation (“Smart home”) or PIMA proprietary protocol.

c. log in the Touchwand application and open Units tab.

PIMA alarm will be visible with the rest of devices in the Units section. There is no need for pairing this unit. Just click on the Add unit button and select what kind of unit will be added in the first field, in this case PIMA sensor. Enter the rest of the data that is needed – type, sensor name and zone and click on the Pair button.


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