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HiFi Speakers and Receivers

SweetchOn's audio team allows you to get the most out of your HiFi systems and take your music and videos anywhere in your home.

Integrated audio system
In recent years, HiFi speakers and audio systems have become smaller. Today, many customers prefer to focus more on the audio experience than the design while keeping it, instead of flaunting large speakers now used by those with particularly sensitive ears.

To back up the trend, SweetchOn suggests going all the way - and removing the speakers completely from view, while keeping the audio quality at the highest level.

Pre-planning the home audio system with an architect achieves the highest standards within the chosen design.

multi-room system
The Multiroom system avoids the need to duplicate audio systems at each point in the house, as it centralizes most music sources in one place. By using precise placement of HiFi speakers, built-in or not, in each area of the house, it is possible to control the type of music and its volume in each area of the house.

Audio can also be integrated into smart home and security systems. For example, it is possible to design hybrid scenarios such as the detection during the night of a movement in the rooms or in the garden which would automatically turn the music on or off. Or, Entering the house at night would turn on this or that type of lighting and a pre-selected music. And these are just a few examples among many others.

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