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In-glass blind + scenario


InWand™ Double Micro Module (24V DC) switch enables dual functionality: control of an in-glass blind and a scenario.

It allows accurate calibration of the blinds and supports two connected loads of up to 12 Watts each.



  • Control of all parameters of power consumption by the connected units

  • Generation of voltage measure, current power factor, instant power voltage and accumulated power reports

  • Enabling of zero-crossing switch

  • Built in overload protection

  • Automated voltage reports of energy consumption (daily and excess consumption)

  • Ability to receive notifications from the units they control

  • Extremely low power consumption (less than 1W)

  • Over the air firmware updates

  • Designed for simple installation in a 55mm box or 3 module mounting box using standard installation procedure

  • Energy load consumption measurement

  • Supports the Z-Wave Plus™ communications protocol

  • Operating temperature range: 0-40°C

  • Range:

  • Indoors – up to 40 metres

  • Outdoors – up to 50 metres

  • Dimensions: 42.7 x 42 x 17.2mm

  • Certifications and Standards:

  • CE

  • Z-Wave Plus™


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