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The Z-Wave Products

Our Z-Wave Products

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The SweetchFull Hub


The SweetchFull Hub is the main router for the Z-Wave smart home system. 

The SweetchFull Hub

is compatible with most major Z-Wave brands, Wi-Fi wireless connection and it’s also compatible with KNX and VRF systems.

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The module SweetchACZ for air conditioner (non-VRF)

SweetchACZ is the perfect device for smart control of your air conditioner. Control, monitor, automate and save energy by connecting the SweetchFull Controller to your SweetchACZ AC module.

SweetchGlassW - The Z-Wave crystal glass touch switch
9 buttons


SweetchGlassW is a black or white Z-Wave crystal glass switch with up to 9 configurable, tactile buttons to control both

- lights,

- electric shutters

- or scenarios.

It also has an integrated temperature sensor allowing the reading of the temperature where this switch is located,
which can be very useful for scenarios.

Finally, it has a luminous pass, which will light up if you approach it.

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The Sweetch-in micromodule

This small smart Z-Wave micromodule that can be inserted behind a switch is a micromodule that exists in 4 different control formats:

- to control 1 to 2 lights

- or 1 to 2 scenarios

- or 1 electric shutter

- or dry contact to control on/off an air conditioner for example

- or to control a more powerful device such as sockets

- or 24V voltage allowing the control of a shutter, that can be integrated into a window, and of a scenario

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Arlozorov St. 2, Raanana 4360801, Israel

Tel : +972-(0)9-772-8-772

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