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The KNX Products

Our KNX Products


A very wide range of products

Customers have the opportunity to choose between a large quantity of switches, complementary accessories such as detectors, energy consumption controllers, audio systems and much more.

Customers building a large home will find the right products in this system. The price level of a house varies from house to house and depends on the needs of the customers.

Very big names such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Eelectron, and others, offer products of excellence and constitute the basis of more than 600 different systems, in the world and especially in Europe.

Some examples ...

Smart KNX modules from Schneider, which find their place in the electrical panel
Schneider switches 2 to 8 high quality plastic buttons and with glass frame for the control of lights, electric shutters, air conditioners, scenes, ...
Luxury glass electronic switches with up to 10 buttons to control lights, electric shutters, air conditioners, scenarios, ...

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