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Smart Locks

Smart locks, the gateway to a higher level of security and control for your home.

Our smart locks are designed to combine security, ease of use, and seamless integration into your home automation system, providing you with a smarter home experience than ever before.


Advantages of Smart Locks

Advanced Security:

Our smart locks are equipped with the latest security technologies to protect your home. Now you can monitor and control access to your home from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Receive real-time notifications in case of suspicious activity and manage access effortlessly.


Smart Home Integration:

Our smart locks are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing smart home system. Control not only your lock but also your lights, thermostat, and other smart devices, all from a single app.


Remote Control:

Open and close your door remotely, whether you're at work, traveling, or simply in your backyard. Provide temporary access to friends, family, or service providers, and revoke access in an instant.


Access Tracking:

Detailed access history allows you to keep track of all entries and exits from your home. You will always know who entered and at what time.



Our smart locks are designed for easy installation on most standard doors, requiring no special DIY skills. The user-friendly app guides you through the setup and usage process.


Integrate Security into Your Smart Home

Investing in our smart locks means you can seamlessly integrate security into your existing smart home system.

Control your lock using voice commands with assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, or automate actions based on your schedule and preferences.


Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

Don't leave the security of your home to chance. Opt for a smart lock and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Explore our range of high-quality smart locks and choose the ones that best meet your needs. Our team is here to answer any questions and assist you in integrating these locks into your home automation system if desired.


Don't wait any longer to enhance the security of your home while improving your comfort and efficiency with our smart locks. Protect your home intelligently and discover a new level of control and peace of mind today!

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Arlozorov St. 2, Raanana 4360801, Israel

Tel : +972-(0)9-772-8-772

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